2020 Census

The current public health emergency has caused many things to change, but some essential processes must continue. One of those is the Census.   One of the factors that determines the amount of New Jersey’s federal funding is an accurate and complete Census response.

When you respond to the census, you help your community gets its fair share of the more than $675 billion per year in federal funds spent on schools, hospitals, roads, public works and other vital programs. Businesses use census data to decide where to build factories, offices and stores, and this creates jobs.  Netcong receives Community Development Block Grant funds every year, which relies on Census data.  These funds help to replace water mains, provide sidewalks, improve public buildings and playgrounds.  It even helped purchase our Dial-A-Ride Senior Bus!   Every person counts!  If you have not already done so, please take a few moments to complete your Census survey.  You can take the Census online!  https://2020census.gov/

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