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Netcong FD Fundraiser

Dear Friends,

As President of the Netcong Volunteer Fire Department I wanted to reach out to every resident and small business owner in our town. We are not seeking a donation but we are seeking your support.

Here’s how you can help support the Netcong Volunteer Fire Department’s efforts to continue to provide the highest level of emergency services. It’s a fact that in order to continue to train volunteer firefighters and maintain proper emergency response tools and equipment, we need to continually raise funds.

We have identified an alternative method of raising funds that will not burden our residents by asking them for more donations. We believe it’s a win-win-win for our community.

We have identified a provider of natural gas and electricity that will donate portions of their revenues on a monthly basis to the Netcong Volunteer Fire Department. All you have to do is choose to use this energy supplier for your electric and natural gas that is sponsoring our fundraiser.

We have made an agreement with North American Power & Gas, a licensed supplier of electricity and natural gas, who is also leading the way with renewable energy. In New Jersey, residents now can make a better energy choice.  North American Power & Gas rates are highly competitive! The good news is JCP&L and New Jersey Natural Gas continues to be responsible for the delivery, maintenance and repairs and you continue to get just one bill from either JCP&L or New Jersey Natural Gas. All you have to do is simply choose North American Power & Gas as your energy supplier which can easily be done online through our fundraiser website:

As a resident of our town, you have an opportunity to be the power for change and support the Netcong Volunteer Fire Department every time you pay your utility bill.  This in turn will help us raise the funds  we need to provide emergency services to our community. As I have already mentioned, it’s a win for you, a win for us, and a win for our community!


Edward Koster
Netcong Fire Department    Office: 973-347-7207

Turn to Page 2 for the How to Enroll instructions.

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