Netcong Food Drive

The Borough is kicking off a food pantry in Netcong for those who have recently found themselves without work and need food.  We are starting small by offering individuals or families food items to help get them through a few days at a time.   We will welcome each family to visit us up to twice a week.

With help from the Skylands Rotary, the Netcong Community Partnership and our Borough Police Department, Councilmen Bob Hathaway spearheaded the set-up of our food bank for needy families in our area.    Thanks to Bob’s efforts, we recently learned we will be receiving 500 meal packages from Rotary International as well.  We would like to offer the program to your congregation regardless of what town they live in.

Beginning next Tuesday, April 21st, from 9:00 AM to 12 Noon, and then again on Thursday April 23rd  from 9:00 AM – 12 Noon, we will be offering food items to those who show up at Borough Hall, at 23 Maple Ave, in Netcong.    There is no cost, but we will ask for some form of identification and we will provide food items based on the size of each family.   To keep everyone safe, we will insist on people stopping by our food bank wear a mask, scarf or bandanna.

On a limited basis, we plan on making local deliveries to residents, especially seniors who cannot drive or find a ride to Borough Hall in Netcong.  To arrange for a food delivery, people can call the following number if the absolutely cannot make to our food pantry:  973-214-5338.

Please pass the word on to the members of your church who might need a little help to get through this crisis.

Our food pantry was established with the concerned groups above and we hope to keep it going as long as necessary.  We have placed two bins under the eaves near the Police Department for any donations.  Here is a list of items that are recommended for food pantries:

  1. Applesauce, Plastic jars of unsweetened applesauce
  2. Canned Beans
  3. Canned Chicken
  4. Canned Fish (Tuna and Salmon)
  5. Canned Meat (SPAM and Ham)
  6. Canned Vegetables
  7. Cooking Oils (Olive and Canola)
  8. Crackers
  9. Dried Herbs and Spices
  10. Fruit (Canned or Dried)
  11. Granola Bars
  12. Instant Mashed Potatoes
  13. Meals in a Box (An entire meal that’s shelf-stable)
  14. Nuts, unsalted varieties when possible.
  15. Pasta
  16. Peanut Butter
  17. Rice
  18. Shelf-stable and Powdered Milk (Because no fridge is required)
  19. Soup, Stew and Chili
  20. Whole Grain Cereal

And three to skip?

  • junk food
  • items with glass or cellophane packaging, which can be broken in transit
  • things that need can openers or special equipment

Thank you all for helping your neighbors in this great time of need.

Joseph A. Nametko
Borough of Netcong, Mayor

Emergent Food Bank Letter

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