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Construction permits are required for most building projects and improvements. Depending on the project, a Zoning Permit may be required as well as a Building Permit. Before beginning your project, or signing a contract with a contractor, it is best to check with the Construction and Zoning Departments to confirm if a Construction and/ or Zoning Permit will be required for your project.

ZONING PERMITS are required for any expansion to a house footprint (deck, porch, room addition) or the addition of structures (pool, fence, shed, patio). The Zoning permit Application requires you attach a copy of your property survey detailing the location of the proposed project, including the proposed distances to the property lines. Contact Ralph Blakeslee, Zoning Officer, to determine if a Zoning Permit will be required for your project. Once the Zoning Officer approves your application, it will be forwarded to the Building Department for permits.  

Planning and Zoning Page (permit applications and zoning information.

BUILDING PERMITS are required for demolition, new work (construction, plumbing and electrical), and most replacement or renovation projects. Check with the Building Department before starting a project. Contact Byram Township Building Department to determine the Permits needed for your project. Once your project is completed, call the Byram Building Department to schedule a final inspection and obtain your Certificate of Approval or Occupancy.  

Byram Township Building Department Web Site.  

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