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Owners of Commercial and Rental Properties should check with the Zoning Officer before starting a project.


A Zoning Permit will be required for the project. In addition, the Zoning Officer may need to refer the application to the Planning Board for approval.

Renovations and replacement work will need Building Permits from the Construction Department.  We have a shared service with Byram Township located at 10 Mansfield Drive, Stanhope, NJ  07874   (973) 347-2500 x 123


 A Land Use Board Application is required for all Site Plans, Subdivisions, Amendments to Site Plans, Site Plan Waivers, variance requests, and Conceptual Reviews. Contact the Planning Board Secretary for an application.




Renting or selling?

You are required to obtain a Certificate of Habitability when you are selling your home.

Contact the Zoning Department for a Certificate of Habitability application.


For residential rental properties, Landlords are required by New Jersey law to register all rental dwellings with the Municipal Clerk’s Office and must be inspected on an annual basis.  Contact 973-347-0252 x 106 for inspection information.

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