Netcong Fire Prevention Bureau

o Ron Puco – Fire Official
o Robert Rush – Fire Inspector
o Michael Pellek – Fire Inspector/Fire Investigator
o Mark Sylvester – Fire Inspector/ Fire Investigator

o The Netcong Fire Prevention Bureau enforces the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey. The Bureau does regular fire code inspections of all commercial buildings in the borough including businesses, schools, and restaurants. These inspections confirm that there are no fire hazards present and that all fire protection systems are properly maintained and operable.
o Some of the most common violations the bureau encounters in these buildings are using extension cords for permanent wiring, overdue fire extinguisher inspection tags, blocked exits, outdated test reports for fire protection systems, storage in utility areas and non-operable exit and emergency lighting.

The Bureau consists of a part time Fire Official, and three part-time Fire Inspectors. Our hours of operation vary. Feel free to email the bureau for an appointment at  You can also contact the bureau at 973-347-0252, extension 502.

View the Fire Code

Uniform Fire Code of New Jersey

Instructions: Clicking on the link above will take you to off-site and to New Jersey Administrative Code provided by LexisNexis.  Once at the site click “Agree”, then click “Title 5”, then click “Chapter 70 – Uniform Fire Code”

This is the actual legislation that we are required to enforce. The “Subchapter 3 – State Fire Prevention Code” is enforceable during all inspections. The “Subchapter 4 – Fire Safety Code” is an extra subchapter that is enforceable during inspections in buildings built before January 1st, 1977.

2006 International Fire Code, New Jersey Edition.

Note that this is a more user friendly version of “Subchapter 3 – State Fire Prevention Code”


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