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The state of New Jersey recognizes that storm water discharges into rivers and lakes are primary sources of the pollution to these surface water bodies.  In an effort to minimize pollution from storm sewer system which discharge into these water bodies,  the state has enacted new storm water rules pertaining to new development.  In addition, the state is working with municipalities to adopt certain ordinances in an effort to address existing situations.  Netcong realizes that its storm water collection system ultimately discharges into either lake Musconetcong or the Musconetcong River.  Netcong Borough applauds the storm water initiatives of the state.  In an effort to follow the States lead, Netcong has enacted various municipal ordinances and will be considering additional ordinances which will help minimize pollutants entering the storm water system and ultimately lake Musconetcong and or the Musconetcong River.  Ordinances which have been adopted with this aim in mind include the following:

Pet Waste (Ordinance Chapter 222)

This ordinance requires that residents who walk their pets, pick up and properly dispose of any waste collected.  The purpose of this ordinance is to minimize waste left along the streets which will eventually find its way into the storm sewer system and contribute to pollution of the lake and river.

Litter (Ordinance chapter 200)

This ordinance which has been in place for some time prohibits placement of litter along public property including but not limited to streets, sidewalks and parks.  Sweepings along property frontage shall be collected and properly disposed of.  One purpose of this ordinance is to eliminate the collection of litter in the storm sewer collection system and will be transported to either the lake or river.

Improper Disposal of Waste (Ordinance Chapter 105 Article II)

This ordinance prohibits the spilling, dumping or disposal of materials other than storm water into the municipal storm water collection system.  The purpose of this ordinance is to stop the dumping of materials such as used motor oil, anti-freeze, and other similar pollutants into the storm sewer inlets thereby presenting a serious pollution problem in the lake and river.

Wildlife Feeding (Ordinance chapter 105 Article II)

This ordinance prohibits the feeding of unconfined wildlife such as wild geese, ducks or waterfowl.  Wildlife such as those noted above generally congregate around open waters such as Lake Musconetcong.  The waste excreted by these animals present a serious pollution problem in and around the lake.  Abiding by this ordinance Will result in these wildlife creatures searching for greener pastures thereby helping to keep our lake clean.

Yard Waste (Ordinance Chapter 243)

This ordinance requires that all yard waste be stored in containers to be placed at the curb for the collection.  The ordinance also requires that the yard waste not be located near the storm inlets along the street.  The purpose of this ordinance is to help to insure the yard waste is not collected in the storm sewer collection system and ultimately transported to either the lake or river.

Lawn Fertilizer

The borough prohibits the use of lawn fertilizer which contains phosphorus exceeding the .5% expressed as P205 on a dry basis.  Additionally property owners are prohibited from applying lawn fertilizers when the ground is frozen or within ten feet of any wetland or body of water.  Newly established lawns are exempt from these regulations for the first growing season.

Illicit Connections (Ordinance Chapter 190)

This ordinance prohibits any physical and nonphysical connections to the storm sewer system which transports anything other than storm water.  The purpose of this ordinance is to insure that only clean uncontaminated water is transported through the municipal storm water system into the lake or river.

In addition to the ordinances explained above which have already been adopted additional ordinances will be under consideration by the Borough council in an effort to further protect our lake and river.  These include the following:

Refuse Container Ordinance

This ordinance once adopted, would require that all dumpsters and other refuse containers stored outdoors be covered at all times.  The purpose of this ordinance is to minimize discharge of liquid and solid waste from these containers onto the ground and into the storm sewer collection system.

Private Storm Drain Inlet Retrofitting

This ordinance upon adoption will require that inlet castings associated with private parking lots be retrofitted with new casting which have smaller openings when any repairs resurfacing or alterations are made to a private parking lot.

The purpose of this ordinance is to minimize the amount of float able debris such as cans bottles,  food wrappers and other litter which enters the storm sewer system and is eventually deposited in either the lake or river.  The borough has adopted a policy of retrofitting all inlets along the streets which are part of capital improvement projects.


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